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CIBO Estimated Capital Costs For Air Pollution Control Equipment For:

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CIBO Estimated Capital Costs For Air Pollution Control Equipment For:

Boiler Inventory with Costs (5/13/2011) Excel spreadsheet 5MB

How Costs Were Determined for CIBO Boiler MACT Impacts Study

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URS Boiler MACT docs / February 2010

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Solid Waste ANPRM – Comment Solicitations HighlightedOutline of Regulatory Approach to Determine Materials Considered Fuels

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MANU-VU Draft SIP Template The SIP Template is intended to assist states in preparing regional haze State Implementation Plans (SIPs) as required by EPA’s regional haze regulations under 40 CFR 51.308. The Template is a work in progress, and revisions will occur periodically until states are ready to submit their SIPs. The Template is intended as a model, therefore states may or may not choose to follow the Template in compiling their SIPs. Stakeholders are encouraged to review and comment on this document.


Guide to Combined Heat and Power Systems for Boiler Owners & Operators C.B. Oland, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Energy Efficiency White Paper

February 2002


Guide to Low-Emission Boiler and Combustion Equipment Selection C.B. Oland, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


CIBO Steam System Energy Efficiency Handbook