2011 Emissions Proceedings



1. 2011 Emissions Summary


A.1. Trinity Compliance Workshop
A.2. Stoker Workshops
A.2a Stoker Workshop A
A.2b Stoker Workshop B


B.1. Informal Owners’ Only Forum – see summary
B.2. Informal Equipment Suppliers, Engineering and Environmental Service Consultants’ Only Forum – see summary
B.3. Review of Concurrent Forum Discussions – see summary


C. State & Federal Officials Shirt Sleeve Information Session


D. Fundamentals of Combustion and Pollutant Formation


E. Environmental Rules, Regulations and Implementation in the Industrial Sector
A Panel Discussion
E.1. US EPA Energy Strategies Group
E.2. State of Maine DEP Perspective
E.3. Ozone Transport Commission Stationary and Area Source Committee Activities
E.4. View from the Plant


F. Particulate & Multi-Emissions Control Technologies for HCl, SO2 and Hg Compliance or Advantage
Back-end Technologies to Meet Future Regulations
F.1. Co-Firing Alternate Fuels and Emission Control Strategies
F.2. Ceramic Filter Technology for Boiler MACT and CISWI Compliance
F.3. Mobotec Boiler MACT Solutions
F.4. Dioxin/Furon Removal with Activated Carbon Injection
F.5. HCI and SO2 Mitigation on a Biomass Boiler
F.6. Enhanced Capture of Mercury Using Novel Filter Design
F.7. Forward Thinking Air Emission Solutions
F.8. Dry Sorbent Injection for SO2 HCL and Hg Mitigation


G. Fundamentals of Mercury and Criteria Pollutant Monitoring


H. Compliance Testing Panel
H.1. Boiler MACT Compliance Requirements for Area and Major Sources
H.2. Overview of Stack Testing, Monitoring & Controls for Boiler MACT
2.a Stack Monitoring & Stack Testing
2.b Particulate Testing Method Issues
2.c The Protocol Gas Verification Program: 9 years later it is finally here!


I. Sorbent Considerations for ICI Boilers
I.1 HCI SO2 Mitigation with Sodium Dry Injection
I.2 Calcium DSI for Acid Gas Control
I.3 Sorbent Considerations for ICI Boilers


J. Complying with Work Practice Standards for Boiler MACT
J.1. Boiler Tuning Requirements under MACT
J.2. Energy Assesment Protocol Development for Boiler MACT
J.3. Advances in Combustion and Boiler Design
J.4. Stoichiometric Modeling and Staged Combustion Strategies for Stoker Boilers
J.5. Engineered Compliance Coal Fuels
K. Strategic Energy/Environmental Management Panel
K.1. Energy Management
K.2. Industrial Boiler MACT Compliance Strategy
K.3. Strategic Directions in the Electric Utility Industry
Highlights of 2011 Survey Results


Council of Industrial Boiler Owners

1. Workshop Summary
Carl R. Bozzuto, ALSTOM Power, Inc.
2. Fundamentals of Working with State Regulators
Charles (Charlie) Carter, Troutman Sanders LLP


A.   What Have I Heard This Week?
A.1. Equipment Supplier (see summary)
Vincent Albanese, Fuel Tech, Inc.
A.2. Boiler Owner/Operator
John C. deRuyter, E.I. DuPont de Nemours Company
A.3. Environmental Support – Can Industry Comply
Robert Fraser, ERM
A.4. State Regulator
Catherine Beahm, N.H. Dept. Environmental Services
A.5. Independent Consultant (see summary)
Norbert Wright, Energy Consultant