2012 Emissions Proceedings


2012 Emissions Summary

A.1. ERM Compliance Workshop
A.2. EPA Data Base Evaluation for Compliance


B.1. Informal Owners’ Only Forum – See summary
B.2. Informal Equipment Suppliers, Engineering and Environmental Service Consultants’ Only Forum – See summary
B.3. Review of Concurrent Forum Discussions – See summary


C. State & Federal Officials Shirt Sleeve Information Session (see summary)


D. Short Course – Basic Principles of Combustion that Affect Plant Operation and Ultimately Affect Emissions Produced


E. Environmental Rules, Regulations and Implementation in the Industrial Sector
A Panel Discussion
E.1. US EPA Boiler and Utility Rules Lost in Space
E.2. Stationary and Area Source Committee Activities
E.3. State of Maine
E.4. SNCR and I-NOx TM Systems for Industrial Boilers
E.5. Regulatory Update
E.6. Implementing Environmental Rules


F. Particulate & Multi-Emissions Control Technologies for HCl, SO2 and Hg Compliance or Advantage
Back-end Technologies to Meet Future Regulations
F.1. Emission Control Systems at Virginia Tech
F.2. Lextran Panacea for Small Boilers
F.3. Mercury Removal in Dry Scrubbers Coal-Fired Generators with Amended Silicates
F.4. Boiler MACT and ESP Particulate Removal Performance
F.5. Operating Results from Biomass Project – Sample Case Presentation


G. Sorbents and MACT Compliance Possibilities
A Panel Discussion
G.1. Calcium DSI for Acid Gas Control
G.2. Meeting the New EPA IBMACT and MATS Rules
G.3. The Activated Carbon Landscape has Changed
G.4. Carmeuse Lime & Stone, Inc. – See summary
G.5. Meet HCl Challenge from Industrial Boiler MACT
G.6. NatronX Technologies – See summary


H. Choosing the Right Bag Filters


I. Complying with Boiler MACT
I.1. Boiler MACT Compliance Requirements for Area and Major Sources
I.2. Environmental Auditing Compliance in the Here and Now
I.3. CEMs/COMs QA Planning
I.4. HCL Monitoring
I.5.a CEM’s Technology
Analytical Solutions
I.5.b CEMs Technologies and Sampling Fundamentals Hg Monitoring and Data System Trends
I.5.c Dilution Full Extraction


J. Complying with Work Practice Standards for Boiler MACT
J.1. Area Source Boiler Tuning Considerations
J.2. How One Company Does Energy Assessments
J.3. Boiler Tune-ups & Assessments: Tips, Traps & Opportunities
J.4. Combustion Technologies to Achieve MACT
J.5. CHP – Profitable Solution to MACT
J.6. Maintaining Fuel Flexibility with Grate Fired Boilers
J.7. DSl and ACl Demonstration Testing with a Rebuilt ESP