2013 Emissions Proceedings

Industrial Emissions Control Technology XI – August 5-7, 2013
Natural Gas Conversion Workshop
August 8, 2013

A. Regulatory Review (Boiler MACT Overview
Christi Wilson, Trinity Consultants, Inc.


B.1. Informal Owners’ Only Forum
B.2. Informal Equipment Suppliers, Engineering and Environmental Service Consultants’ Only Forum
B.3. Review of Concurrent Forum Discussions –


C. Short Course – Basic Principles of Combustion that Affect Plant Operation and Ultimately Affect Emissions Produced
Carl Bozzuto, ALSTOM Power, Inc.
D. Environmental Rules, Regulations and Implementation in the Industrial Sector
A Panel DiscussionJames (Jim) Eddinger, EPA
Andrew (Andy) Bodnarik, OTC
Marc Cone, State of Maine
Betsy Natz, New Executive Director from ICAC
Scott Darling, Alcoa, Inc.
E. Particulate & Multi-Emissions Control Technologies for HCl, SO2 and Hg Compliance or Advantage
Back-end Technologies to Meet Future Regulations
E.1. Review of the MACT Database and Projects/Costs
Amy Marshall, URS
E.2. The Real Costs of Operating Pollution Control Equipment
Byron Nichols, Virginia Tech
E.3. Case Study for Installation and Startup of an Advanced Overfire Air System to Reduce Carbon Monoxide to MACT Compliance Levels While Maintaining NOx at Current Levels, etc.
Edmundo Vasquez, Clyde Bergemann Power Group
E.4. The Application and Performance Results of the Gas Suspension Absorber for Achieving MACT Compliance
Mike Widico, KC Cottrell
E.5. WESP for PM2.5/SO3 Control after a Wet Scrubber – What is a WESP, How it Works
James (Buzz) Reynolds, Siemens Energy, Inc.
E.6. UltraCat Ceramic Filter System Results for Meeting Boiler MACT
Rod J. Gravley, Tri-Mer


F. Dry Sorbent Injection Panel/Presentation
John C. deRuyter, E.I. DuPont de Nemours & Company, Moderator
F.1. Mercury Removal in Dry Scrubbers Coal-Fired Generators with Amended Silicates
Jim Butz, Novinda
F.2. Dry Sorbent Injection Including Activated Carbon for HCl and Mercury Mitigation to Meet the New IB MACTS Limit
Keith Day, Nol-Tec
F.3. Recent Startups of Sodium DSl Systems Including Equipment and Sorbent Requirements, Capital and Operating Costs
Michael Atwell, Solvay Chemicals
F.4. Illustrate Some of the Factors that Should be Evaluated when Considering DSl and HCl Control at Industrial Boilers
Gerald Hunt, ADA-ES
F.5. The Growth of Dry Sorbent Injection (DSI) and The Impacts on Coal Combustion Residue
Melissa Sewell, Lhoist North America


G. How All of the Back-end Technologies Play Together… Efficiency Impacts, Electrical Impacts, etc.
Kevin Dougherty, Fuel Tech, Inc.
H. Compliance with BMACT Isn’t the End of the Road – NAAQS and SIP Rules Have to be Integrated; also, GHG Review Through Permitting Projects Intended for BMACT Compliance – Panel Discussion
William (Bill) Campbell III, AECOM Environment
Robert (Bob) Fraser, ERM
Brian Bird, HDR
I. Knowledge, Experience and Technology Transfer from Cement MACT to BMACT: Lessons Learned
Kristine Davies, Trinity Consultants, Inc.
J. Compliance Planning – CEMs, Record Keeping and Reporting, Internal Auditing, etc.; Project Timeline and Scheduling (advance planning, coordination, etc.) Include OWNER in session
Moderator: Daniel (Dan) Todd, Air Quality Services
Bob Davis, Airgas
Mousa Zada, Altech Environment U.S.A, Equipment Supplier
Boiler MACT: Beyond the Emissions Limits – Strategies for Compliance
K. Boiler Tune-Ups
Cheryl Brown, Cornell University
L. Energy Assessments and Tune-Up Compliance – OWNER Case Study
Amy Marshall, URS
M. Tune-Ups & Energy Assessment – OWNER Case Study
Brian Petermann, Sega, Inc.
N. Case Study: How a Successful Load Displacement or Behind the Meter
Martin Lensink, CEM Engineering
O. Cause and Effect of Mill Operation and Coals on the Combustion Process and the Resulting Emissions and Furnace Effects
Alan Paschedag, Siemens
P. CHP – Is IT The Profitable Solution to Industrial Boiler MACT?
Presentations and Panel Discussion
Matt Speer, Primary Energy
Michael Trupin, Trinity Consultants, Inc.
Chris Lyons, Solar Turbines


Q. Gas Conversion – The Non-Coal Fuel Pathway for Handling Regulatory Uncertainty and Compliance
Mark Dittus and Ajay Kasarabada, Black & Veatch Corporation
R. Challenges when Converting Coal-Fired Boilers to Natural Gas
Stephen Black, Riley Power Inc. a Babcock Power Inc. Company
S. Gas Conversion Story
Rhett McLaren, Penn State University
T. The NG Conversion Story
Jason Philpott, Eastman Chemical
U. The Gas Fired Boiler Today – Panel
Moderator: Bob Bessette, CIBOHarry Kumpula, Rentech
Florian Wisinski, Cleaver Brooks
TBD, The Babcock & Wilcox Generation Group
V. Natural Gas Burners for New Unit & Conversion Applications
William (Bill) Gurski, Zeeco, Inc.
W. What is Needed Between the LDC and the Plant?
Chad Millinor and Jeff Francis, First Cut Design and Fabrication
X. Stoker Fired Boiler Conversions
Jim Feese, Detroit Stoker Co.
Y. Case Study Citizens Energy Group Conversion
Brian Bird, HDR Engineering
Jason Kloess, EIT/HDR Engineering
Z. Working with the States for MACT Compliance
Jeff Underhill, State of New Hampshire
Cathy Beahm, State of New Hampshire