2014 Emissions Proceedings

Industrial Emissions Control Technology XII – August 4-7, 2014
Natural Gas Workshop – August 7, 2014

A. Workshop
Christi Wilson, Trinity Consultants, Inc.


B.1. Informal Owners’ Only Forum
Introduction by Facilitator: Ann McIver, Citizens Thermal
B.2. Informal Equipment Suppliers, Engineering and Environmental Service Consultants’ Only Forum
Introduction by Facilitator: Mike King, Black & Veatch Corporation
B.3. Review of Concurrent Forum Discussions –
Moderator: Ann McIver, Citizens Thermal


C. Boiler MACT Compliance Short Course
Doug Friedel, Black & Veatch Corporation
D. Environmental Rules, Regulations and Implementation in the Industrial Sector
A Panel Discussion
James (Jim) Eddinger, EPA
Marc Cone, Air Director, State of Maine
Andy Bodnarik, OTC
Scott Darling, Alcoa, Inc.
E. Particulate & Multi-Emissions Control Technologies for HCl, SO2 and Hg Compliance or Advantage

Backend Technologies to Meet Future Regulations: During this session, Active and Associate members are encouraged to tell their stories related to the implementation of emissions control projects, including pilot demonstrations of new technologies and application of technologies to new and exisiting units.

E.1. Industrial Boiler MACT compliance strategy for new and existing equipment
Brandon Raissain, ALSTOM Power, Inc.
E.2. In Depth Discussion on Advancements in Electrodynamic Combustion Control Technology
Geoff Osler, ClearSign Combustion Corporation
E.3. Importance of Mixing on Combustion and Emissions Control for Industrial Boilers
Guisu Liu/Michael Klump, Mobotec LLC
E.4. Bio-Coal Pellets-An Advanced Low Emissions Renewable Fuel
Dammon M. Frecker, Thermogen Industries
E.5. Case Study: Comparison of Alkaline Sorbent Effectiveness for HCl Control
Greg Filippelli, ADA-ES, Inc.
E.6. Dry Sorbent Technology
Jerry Hunt, Lhoist North America
E.7 Dry Sorbent Injection and Activated Carbon Injection for Pollution Mitigation that can Meet MATS Standards
Keith Day, Nol-Tec Systems
E.8 Implementing a Successful DSI Test
Carl Laird, Carmeuse Lime & Stone, Inc.


F. Latest High-Temperature Results and Lab Tools: Advanced Powdered Activated Carbons for Mercury Control
Robert Huston, ADA Carbon Solutions
G. Horizontal In-Duct Scrubbing of Sulfur-di-oxide Gas and Particulates from Flue Gas Exhausts
Rajat S. Ghosh, Alcoa, Inc
H. Results of Hydrated Lime DSI Field Test for HCl Removal from Industrial Coal Fired Boilers
Don Wolf, Burns & McConnell
I. Achieving Boiler MACT Compliance with Reagent Inspection and Existing ESP’s
Robert Mastropietro, KC Cottrell
J. Case Study: Pulse Jet Fabric Filter & Dry Sorbent Injection for New Biomass Boiler Applications to meet Boiler MACT Standards
Richard Saab, Foster Wheeler Corporation


K. Enhanced Mercury Control for Boilers that Require ESP FGC
Richard Miller, ADA-ES, Inc.
L. The Boiler MACT, as well as other MACT Standards, Provides for the Source Option to Demonstrate Continuous Compliance with the use of a Continuous Parameter Monitoring System (CPMS)
Dan Todd, Air Quality Services, LLC
M. Design and Deployment of a Mobile Continuous Emissions Monitoring System to Support Boiler MACT Compliance Strategy Development
Michael White, TRC
N. Boiler MACT Compliance – What’s in Your Toolbox?
Christi Wilson and Kristine Davies, Trinity Consultants, Inc.
O. Area Source Compliance Learned
Brian Peterman, Sega, Inc.
P. Water Panel
William (Bill) Campbell III, AECOM Environment
Bruce Bowers, Barr Engineering Company
Jonathan (Jon) Black, Alden Research Laboratory
Ken Burris, WorleyParsons
Q. Natural Gas Availability & Limitations
Jenny Fordham, American Natural Gas Supplier Association
R. Natural Gas Distribution Update
TBD, Natural Gas Aggregator
S. Environmental Considerations for Natural Gas Conversion
Cathy Beahm, State of New Hampshire
T. Natural Gas Boiler & Burner Manufacturers Panel
William (Bill) Gurksi, Zeeco, Inc.
Florian Wisinski, Cleaver Brooks, Inc.
Amber LeClair, The Babcock & Wilcox Power Generation Group, Inc.
U. Understanding the Rental Process and Following a Few Simple Guidelines It is Possible that the Result will be Both Cost Effective and Technically Successful
Larry Day and William (Bill) Testa, Nationwide Boiler
V. The Safety, Reliability and Economic Layers of Natural Gas Conversion Projects
Ajay Kasarabada and Doug Friedel, Black & Veatch Corporation
W. Belpre Strategic Energy Project – Case Study

Erik Sims, Kraton Ploymers
Brian Bird, HDR Engineering, Inc.

X. The Continuously Increasing Regulations on Industrial Emissions Causes Facilities to Find New Methods for Pollution Control
Tyler Campbell, Direct Contact, LLC