2014 Fluidized Bed Combustion Proceedings

Fluidized Bed XXVII Conference & Stoker Fired Boiler Operations and Performance Conference / May 19-21, 2014


A.1. Informal Owners’ Only Forum
Robin Mills Ridgway, Purdue University
A.2. Informal Equipment and Service Suppliers’ Only Forum
Robert (Bob) Morrow
, Detroit Stoker Company
B.1. Presentation of 2013 FBC Owners’ Survey & Benchmarking Results
Jack A. Fuller, West Virginia University
C. Overview of Regulatory Issues & Technologies to Comply
William C. Campbell III, AECOM Environment
C.1. Air Emissions Regulations
William (Bill) Campbell III, AECOM Environment
C.2. Tune-ups and Energy Assessments
Robert (Bob) Fraser, ERM
C.3 Update on Water Regulations
Dean Ritts, WorleyParsons Group Inc
D. Design, Operating and Performance Concerns for MATS and MACT
Gary Merritt, Inter-Power/AhlCon Partners, L.P
Robin Mills Ridgway, Purdue University
E. State Regulatory Requirements for Industrial Operations
Vince Brisini, Deputy Secretary Pennsylvania DEP
F. Tune Up Case Studies
Moderator:Robin Mills Ridgway, Purdue University
Boiler MACT: Beyond the Emissions Limits

Strategies for Compliance
Brian Peterman, Sega, Inc.

Stoker/Industrial Operations
Robert (Bob) Morrow, Detroit Stoker Company

G. Operations and Maintenance Panel
John Malloy, Northern Star Generation
Chris Arihood, Purdue University Wade Utility Plant
William (Bill) Caputo, Sorbent Injection Specialist, LLC
Jon Cavote, UDC
H.. Operation Requirements in 2014 and Beyond
Jeff Campbell, SCRUBGRASS
I. Outage Planning and Coordination 101
Ron Rushing, Michigan State University
J. Sorbent Consideration Panel
Mike Atwell, Solvay Chemicals Inc.
Pat Mongoven, Mississippi Lime Company
Jerry Hunt, Lhoist North America
Tom Campbell, ADA Environmental Solutions (ADA-ES)
Carl Laird, Carmeuse Lime & Stone, Inc.
K. Ash Beneficial Use and Disposal Consideration
K.1. CFB Ash as a Carbon Sink
Keith Brady and Greg Greenfield, PADEP
K.2. Marking Marketable Fly Ash in a CFB
Wayne Fried, AIT
L. Design, Performance and Operating Concerns with Fuel Conversions (Case Studies)
TBD, Recast Energy, LLC

Ron Campanella, Foster Wheeler North America

M. Overview of Westwood Power Plant
John Oelbracht, Westwood Power Plant