EE February 2024 Agenda

Tuesday February 6, 2024 EST

3pm / Enero Solutions/FEND Inc. Joint Presentation – to Help Manage Boiler House Data.Cybersecurity: Navigating the Modern Challenges of Interconnectivity, Remote Monitoring & Cybersecurity: Practical Use Cases. Christian Hager, VP of Business Dev., Fend Inc., Marc-Olivier Guerin, VP of Business Ops, Enero Solutions, and Colin Dunn, CEO, Fend Inc.

3:45 / Capitol Hill: Senate Environment & Public Works Committee. “Environment, Climate and Energy — Legislation & Regulatory Oversight.” Adam Tomlinson, Republic Staff Director

4:05 / BREAK

4:15 / Rentech Boiler Systems, Inc.:“Firing Hydrogen Blends – Industrial Boiler Operations.” Gerardo Lara, VP, Fired Boiler Sales and Jon Backlund, Sales and Contracts

5:00 / ClearPath Presentation: Nuclear Reactors – Industrial (SMNR). “Update on New Technologies and Nuclear Licensing (NRC).” Nicholas (Niko) McMurray, Managing Dir., International and Public Policy

Meeting Adjourns