EE Papers 2011

December 2011

  1. Cross-State Air Pollution Rule Update 8pp.
  2. Boiler MACT Rules Legislation – House 10pp.
  3. New Proposed Emission Standards for Boilers and Solid Waste incinerators 14pp.
  4. CIBO Comments/Documents and Boiler MACT Actions 2010-2011 (Confidential) 7pp.
  5. CIBO – Clean Air Act Legislation November 28, 2011 (Confidential) 8pp.
  6. Climate Change Litigation Chart November 17, 2011 (Confidential) 5pp.
  7. Boiler MACT Rules Litigation November 18, 2011 10pp.
  8. Heat is Power: Let’s Capture It 13pp.
  9. US GHG Regulation Update 30pp.
  10. BACT for GHGs – 2011 Experience 10pp.
  11. Energy Assessment Protocol Development for Major & Area Source Boilers 22pp.
  12. Practical Considerations in the Evaluation of Projects to Replace Coal with Gas 13pp.
  13. CIBO NAAQS Update 10pp.
  14. Key Macro Issues Affecting Financial Decisions related to Future Operation of Industrial Boilers 13pp.

September 2011

  1. Detroit Stoker Company Coal Conversion to Natural Gas 21pp.
  2. Getting More Heat Out of the System 26pp.
  3. Cannon Boiler Works presents the Ultramizer System 29pp.
  4. Status Update: EPA’s Proposed Rule on Coal Combustion Residual Management 16pp.
  5. Joseph S. Hezir Biography 1p.
  6. US GHG Regulation Update 21pp.
  7. Energy Assessment Protocol Development for Major & Area Source Boilers 24pp.
  8. The Future of Natural Gas: An Interdisciplinary MIT Study 30pp.
  9. Cross State Air Pollution Rule aka Transport Rule / CAIR Replacement 25pp

June 2011

  1. Cooling Water Intake Structure Proposed Rule 18pp.
  2. Utility MACT – Subpart UUUUU 13pp.
  3. Boiler/Process Heater MACT- Subpart DDDDD 19pp.
  4. The SICK, Inc. MERCEM300Z 75pp.
  5. Industrial Boiler MACT: PM CEM Requirements 63pp.
  6. Boiler MACT Rules Litigation 2pp.
  7. Energy Assessment Protocol Development for Boiler MACT 15pp.
  8. NAAQS Update 10pp.
  9. PM-CEMS Experiences at Warrick Power Plant Owner’s and Operator’s Perspectives 35pp.
  10. Litigation Chart – Clean Air 1p.
  11. CIBO EE Meeting – MACT/GACT/CISWI/NHSM 44pp.
  12. Strategic Directions in the Electric Utility Industry – Highlights of 2011 Survey Results 21pp.
  13. Coal Combustion Residuals Regulatory Update 20pp.
  14. Texas Commission on Environmental Quality – 2010 Flare Study Draft Report 51pp.
  15. A Perspective on Mercury and PM Monitoring and Measurement 31pp

March 2011

  1. The Evolution of US Energy Policy: 2008-2011 22pp.
  2. Implications of Greater Reliance on Natural Gas For Electric Generation and Manufacturing Customers 60pp.
  3. Comparison of Final Feb 2011 Boiler MACT Limits to June 2010 Proposed Boiler MACT Limits
  4. CIBO GHG Regulatory Update: GHG BACT & GHG NSPS 6pp.
  5. Senate Climate Bill 2009: CIBO Talking Points 3pp.
  6. NAAQS Update 26pp.
  7. Boiler MACT Unit Info 26pp.
  8. EERS Policy Design Implementations 2pp.
  9. How EIA Sees the Future of Industrial Energy Consumption 9pp.
  10. Industrial and Institutional Energy Efficiency 3pp.
  11. EPA RCRA Ash Update 15pp.
  12. US GHG Regulation Update 29pp.
  13. Industrial Technologies Program: Activities and Resources 60pp.
  14. Annual Energy Outlook 2011:Natural Gas Supply Projections and the Role of Shale Gas 26pp.