2014 Committees & Task Groups

Committees & Task Groups Total Act
Total Assoc
Total Univ
Environmental Committee 8 6 8 6.83
Energy Committee 6 6 7 5.68
Government Affairs Committee 6 5 5 5.32
Technical Committee 6 5 4 5.00
Special Project Litigation 7 4 4 4.68
Regulatory Special Projects 6 4 4 4.51
Communications, Education & Outreach Committee 5 4 3 4.19
Membership Committee 5 4 3 4.06
What Committees/Task Groups would you like to see offered in the future?
  1. With the dues increase, we really don’t have “special projects” anymore. Going forward, we will need to fund some of these types of projects under the Coalition Activity funds.
  2. Almost all of the issues we are involved in can be put under the exisitng committees. Do not feel we need additional
  3. Climate Change
  4. none
  5. No additional comments
  6. none
What Committees/Task Groups need improvement? How?
  1. We need to be more agressive on a committee basis in contacting members about attendance at conferences and meetings. Although attendance has been up this year, there are still some members that do not participate actively.
  2. More practical application improvements would be helpful. Be it energy ore environmental.
  3. Energy Committee needs to be more active. Actively use an International Committee/web site as information database for members?
  4. Have not had an issue with any of them.
  5. none
  6. No additional comments
  7. No real issue……just wanted to offer to help if committee members are needed.
  8. Honestly, I think the group does a very good job–with a surprising amount of participation.
  9. Our interests lie in the environmental emerging issues and practical application and compliance approaches.
  10. none