2014 Marketing & Public Relations

What is the major benefit you, or your company, receive from CIBO?
  1. Keeping up with environmental and regulatory issues. Meeting with customers.
  2. Involvement and access to influence environmental regulations that can affect operations. Contacts to resources who can answer questions related to various issues.
  3. Awareness of changing enviornmental issues. Abiltiy to influence regulatory changes. Networking with energy professionals. Access to technology information.
  4. Insight into technical environmental rulemaking and policy at the federal level. Also, the opportunity to participate in forum discussions regarding technological advances in boiler equipment, operat
  5. Access to current information relative to key environmental, government and technical issues related to our boiler operations. Conduit for proactive actions in response to governmental regulatory actions which allow our voice to be joined with others in
  6. Information and updates on laws and regulations that may efffect the boiler industry.
  7. Leveraged advocacy- both legislative and regulatory; current technical information through conferences.
  8. Inner circle information on proposed regulation and legislative efforts
  9. Up to date information on environmental issues relating to industrial boilers and gas turbines including waste water issues.
  10. Having an organized, technically based voice addressing issues of concern to our industry
  11. Up to date information on environmental regulations; representation on preparing public comments; access to elected officials that make the decisions; energy conservation information; great networking with peers, vendors and consultants.
  12. Variety of info on Env and energy issues.
  13. Access to EPA, DOE, Congressional and Administration staff; opportunity to network with representatives from like-minded companies; information gathering from vendors and consultants, and perspectives offered by colleges and universities.
  14. Timely and quality information regarding environmental regulations, interpretations of those regulations, etc.
  15. A major benefit is obtaining environmental regulatory information and CIBO’s efforts to influenc environmental laws and regulations.
  16. Customer Contacts, Emissions & Legislation information
  17. 1. Contact with potential Customers 2. Industry news 3. Changes in regulations
  18. Talking to industry professionals about the issues that are affecting them on a day to day basis, specifically related to emissions regulations and monitoring.
  19. Keeping up to date on issues and regulations affecting our boilers.
  20. We are members of AFPA and active in that group. We understand that CIBO and AFPA share many of the same issues, but we believe that CIBO also offers a broader segment of industry perspective that helps us to target issues.
  21. Opportunity to interact with others in different industry sectors and work on issues with folks much smarter than I. I receive different perspectives than I might receive from similar industry specific groups. Get to be a member of a team that is plugged
  22. To interact with our customers and keep abreast of current enviromental issues that affect our business
  23. Information on developing rules and forum for making regulatory comments.
  24. Very timely and comprehensive coverage of regulatory issues (primarily environmental) which impact boiler operators/owners. It assists us in keeping current of breaking issues so we can be more effective in advising clients.
  25. Exposure to potential customers.
  26. Continued exposure to potential Industrial Boiler clients allowing us to promote our product offerings and compliance expertise and overall ability to share our technologies and knowledge base.
  27. Early warning of regulatory action and regulatory process paticipation.
  28. Updates on Environmental and Energy issues
  29. The BMACT Database and networking opportunities
  30. Information on environmental regulations and how owners are dealing with them.
  31. Information on industrial regulations and the opportunity to network with boiler owners to provide product solutions where applicable.
  32. CIBO is a great one-stop-shop for all things concerning regulation, litigation and legislation for energy and environmental topics. It is far superior to getting the information from the media because it is coming from the industrial point of view.
  33. Networking with Owners, Suppliers and Professional Services Providers Timely updates on issues affecting the industry
  34. Current information related to the Boiler MACT.
  35. Regulatory Updates and advocacy
  36. Following up on key environmental issues. Identification of industry trends
  37. Periodic updates on regulatory initiatives, networking with peers, legislators and policy makers.
  38. environmental information related to the market, and direct contact with those who are impacted by these new and upcoming regulations
  39. timely information and networking opportunities
  40. The level of support and the information provided is invaluable. CIBO is certainly one of the best associations I have joined
  41. Market knowledge of what Environemntal projects are out there
  42. Market updates and contacts within the industry
  43. Representation for legislative matters. Networking. Up to date on regulatory and legislative matters.
  44. Clear status updates on regulatory issues, ideas of how the industry plans to respond to those issues (both in challenging them and in complying with them), and a mostly a network of smart dedicated people to provide perspective and insight.
Do you have any other comments pertaining to this survey?
  1. Would there be any value in having some additional surveys that are shorter, but more focused on one particular area? (ie Energy Committee, Stokers, Scrubbers, Mercury Control, etc.) The survey topic
  2. At all programs must work to develop an improved mechanism to allow program time lines to be met…with our killing beneficial questions and answer periods. I think this has recently improved over
  3. Need to be sure topics above are updated each year.
  4. CIBO is doing an excellent job in satisfying my needs.
  5. No
  6. Great Job
  7. None
  8. I appreciate the responsiveness and personableness of the CIBO personnel. Thank you.
  9. no