2014 Member Services

Member Services Total Act
Total Assoc
Total Univ
Networking with Other Members 7 8 8 7.49
Email Notices and Reports Distribution 7 7 8 7.21
Industry Issue Identification 8 7 7 6.91
Newsletter (BoilerBlast) 6 7 7 6.47
Technical Conferences 6 7 8 6.40
Issue Information Availability 7 6 8 6.34
Quarterly Committee Meetings 7 7 6 6.28
Internet Site – Members Only 7 6 5 6.09
Proceedings and Publications 6 6 6 5.77
Quarterly Committee Meeting Minutes 6 6 5 5.55
Online Membership Directory 6 6 5 5.55
Response to Request for Information 6 6 5 5.51
Quarterly Focus Group Meetings 6 5 5 5.09
Problem/Issue Contact Referral 6 4 6 4.87
Technical Conference Exhibit Booths 5 5 5 4.72
Internet Site – Public side 5 5 2 4.34
What other member services would you like to see added?
  1. Benchmarking and Environmental Management Systems
  2. More active focus teams or subcommittees to develop positions and advocate on energy related issues.
  3. none
  4. no other recomendations the services are meeting our expectations
  5. More opportunities for vendors to speak with operators in a more formalized manner through working groups and other meetings.
  6. technical forum for actives to discuss their latest challenges
  7. none
What CIBO programs need the most improvement?
  1. Energy Committee needs to attract more attendees. Focus groups have been helpful. Perhaps the fuels definition issue should come under energy committee. Maybe the ash issue as well. Energy efficiency topic is now more important. Also energy audit.
  2. Issue information availability – searchable, on-line database of policy and guidance (for example) Focus on issues beyond Boiler MACT
  3. Environmental Issues have become a bit stale as little change or progress seems to occur quarter to quarter, not CIBO’s fault, but it does make the quarterly meetings drag a bit as issues are rehashed. Litigation updates have dominated over solutio
  4. Energy Committee activity, issue development, and advocacy.
  5. Hill visits–need to arrange in advance, send out advance notice of who we will be meeting with, what topics will be covered, what our talking points are. many of us need to coordinate with our internal lobbying teams.
  6. can’t think of any
  7. no other recomendations
  8. Conferences and Vendor Booths. Again, little booth traffic at Summer Meeting. Having booths downstairs minimizes traffic and interest. Most would rather visit Portland with families.
  9. CIBO is doing a good job. I would just like the BMACT database to be updated more frequently and to have a training tool for deciphering each of the categories and how the numbers were calculated.
  10. I think if the web site had links/connections to key EPA and DOE web sites for information (like EPA regs, Air Quality, DOE/EIA data on energy use) it would be a useful one-stop-shopping for information.
  11. Speakers at times can get off topic.
  12. solid overall