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MET – Marsulex Environmental Technologies Corporation is a leader in innovative Air Quality Control Systems to worldwide Industrial and Electric Utility clients. Our technologies, which we offer in an efficient and cost-effective manner, can satisfy the most difficult project requirements. MET’s strengths continue to be experienced people, solid technologies and excellence in project execution. While we engage every project execution in a deliberate and focused approach, our philosophy is to deliver projects on-schedule and in a safe, reliable manner. Our core competencies include:

  • Current, state-of-the-art emission control technologies
  • World class operational performance track record
  • Quality people with an average of over 20 years of Pollution Control Technology experience
  • Project risk assessment
  • Emerging technologies to address future multi-pollutant control requirements
  • Project execution performance certified ISO-9001 quality standards


Headquartered in Lebanon, Pennsylvania MET’s linage includes Buell, Chemico, GE, Marsulex and the very beginnings of pollution control technologies. Marsulex Environmental Technologies was established in 1997 when Marsulex, Inc purchased and renamed the General Electric Environmental Services (GEESI) business unit. In June, 2011 MET became an independent business and a wholly owned subsidiary of Birch Hill Equity Partners (“Birch Hill”), who was the majority shareholder of MET (and Marsulex, Inc) for approximately 10 years. Our operational headquarters remains in Lebanon, PA, as it has for decades (28+ years). MET can accept, and has accepted contracts for design packages, EP, EPC, technology licensing, or blends of the same. MET has, during the last decade, contracted in the U.S. under the scenarios of:

  • Sealed bid competitive
  • Competitive open book project development/costing
  • Collaborative, open book with risk/reward sharing

Wet FGD:

With our technologies selected for plants totaling more than 95,000 MW of electrical generation, MET is a leader in WFGD technologies. We have experience in the utilization of all common calcium and sodium reagents and have a proprietary, patented technology for ammonia-based WFGD which produces a valuable commercial grade fertilizer. Our designs achieve 98+% SO2 removal efficiencies for applications ranging from 100 to 1000MW.

Dry FGD:

MET offers an advanced multi-pollutant control technology with our Circulating Fluidized Bed, (CFB)-FGD system. This technology improves reagent usage, produces no waste water streams, has low capital cost and offers high % removal of SO2, mercury and SO3. Differentiated from competitors, this technology employs Multi-Stage Humidification that injects water at multiple levels and separate from the reagent, into the absorber vessel. This promotes high system reliability and boosts the removal efficiencies. For systems requiring less than 94% SO2 removal efficiency MET can also provides a conventional dry scrubbing system utilizing rotary atomization.


MET’s historic expertise, including more than 75,000 MW, with Electrostatic Precipitators and Medium/High Pressure Fabric Filters has been updated to meet the stringent removal requirements demanded by recent legislative regulations. With well over 600 years of combined Particulate Design and Management experience in our Engineering and Projects Groups, MET is positioned to expertly address today’s particulate removal requirements.

The MET Low Pressure Fabric Filter (LPFF) is a state of the art design. Building upon the mature Low Pressure Fabric Filter design, in use around the globe in the Utility Industry, MET’s Particulate Technology Group has reconfigured and re-engineered the MET LPFF to meet the High Reliability and Performance demands required in today’s market. While the MET LPFF may be the configuration of choice for the Utility markety, improvements to the MET Medium/High Pressure FF design ensure that MET is positioned to address the wide reaching Industrial market requirements.

The MET Electrostatic Precipitator (ESP) has undergone a technology overhaul. MET’s ESP design still incorporates its proven Center Rapped Collecting Electrode (CE), with CE design experience up to fifty feet in height. Improvements in the Discharge Electrode (DE) configuration results in a significant increase in the corona generating capabilities. This, along with the use of the newest generation of Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS) results in an increase in performance and reliability.


MET is a company that specializes in supplying wet and dry FGD systems as well as up to date particulate collection systems that when combined, provide a Total Cost Effective Solution to a Client’s Air Quality Control needs. We have one of the largest fleets of wet FGD in the world, approximately 95,000 megawatts, going back over 30 years to the beginning of FGD. We engage every project execution in a deliberate focused way and put only quality, experienced people on the project team.

Marsulex Environmental Technologies
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