Tri-Mer Corporation Profile


Tri-Mer Corporation is a technology leader in air pollution control. For single-system compliance on PM+NOx+SO2+HCl+dioxins, Tri-Mer has introduced the UltraCat catalyst filter system to North America, bringing the technology from Europe where it has over 400 combustion and incineration applications. Boiler projects in the U.S. are underway. Tri-Mer guarantees particulate levels to 0.0011 lb/MMBtu. UltraCat ceramic filters have nanobits of SCR catalyst embedded within the 20mm filter walls, achieving up to 95% NOx reduction at the conveniently lower temperatures of 350°F to 700°F. Dioxins are destroyed by the proprietary nano-catalyst at 97-99% efficiency. SO2 and HCl are typically reduced over 90% with dry sorbent injection. Mercury reduction techniques can be easily integrated.

UltraCat filter elements have an average lifetime of over 5 years for minimal system maintenance. With all-in-one capabilities in a single simple system, initial cost and total energy usage are favorable. Tri-Mer was established in 1960; factory headquarters are located in Owosso, Michigan. Contact: (801) 294-5422. Website: