2008 Annual Meeting Papers

ANNUAL MEETING / October 22-24, 2008

Annual Report of the President
Robert Bessette, CIBO
CIBO’s 30th Anniversary: Then and Now
Bob Corbin, Consultant
Judicial Watch
Lisa M. Jaeger, Bracewell & Giuliani, LLP
The Elections & CIBO’s Current & Potential Legislative Advocacy issues
Karen J. Neale, International Paper
Managing Workforce Transition: Keeping the Plant Operating when the Boomers Retire
Ann McIver, Citizens Thermal
Power Plant Economics
Carl Bozzuto, ALSTOM
Building a Knowledge Base for Ongoing Operation Around the Power Island
Donna Robichaud, Duke Energy
Setting the Stage for Energy and Environmental Strategy Development
David Walden, Winrock International
Customer Sustainability Needs
Jeffrey Willman, Citizens Energy Group
U.S. Coal Supply
Janet Gellici, American Coal Council
Two Challenges Facing Large Electricity Consumers
Dr. John A. Anderson, ELCON
Decision and Risk Analysis: A Methodology for Making Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty
John deRuyter, DuPont
The Way I See It…
Randy Rawson, ABMA
The Relationship Between Fuels, Boiler Design & Environmental Constraints
Ray Ganga, McBurney Corporation
Coal-Fired Generation: Next Steps on the Regulatory Horizon
Robert J. Wayland, Ph.D., US EPA
Industrial Emission Controls
Richard Saab, Siemens
Climate Change Policy or Carbon Cartel Building: You Decide
Sandy Liddy Bourne, The Heartland Institute
112(j) MACT – Similar Source & “Worst of the Best”
Russell Bailey, Trinity Consultants
Energy, Economy & Environment: Federal Legislation to Stop Global Warming
Michael Goo, Natural Resources Defense Council
Other CIBO Presentations
2008 Annual Survey Report
Activities Chart
Supreme Court Chart
Litigation Chart
EPA Definition of Solid Waste Rule
Environmental Sessions Issues Update
CIBO Active Member Market/Offerings: Characterization & Opportunities