2010 Annual Meeting Papers

CIBO 32nd ANNUAL MEETING / October 20-22, 2010

A.1 Summary
A.2 Report of the Membership
Robert L. Corbin
A.3 2010 Annual Survey Report
Robert L. Corbin, CIBO Membership Consultant
A.4 Litigation Report
Lisa Jaeger
A5 Financial Report
Carl Bozzuto
A.6 Annual Report to Members
Robert D. Bessette, President


B.1 Federal Regulatory Process
Professor Susan Dudley, GW University Regulatory Studies Center
B.2 MACT Issues Perspective
John H. Paul, ACCCE
B.3 A Labor View on Utility MACT
Eugene M. Trisko, Attorney at Law
B.4 Dealing with (State and Federal) Regulators
D.R. van der Vaart
B.5 Clean Air Future: An Update on Upcoming Air Regulations
Robert J. Wayland, Ph.D., US EPA
B.6 Boiler MACT
Kevin Bromberg, US SBA Advocacy
B.7 Federal Legislation and Regulation: Challenges and Opportunities for Large Electricity Consumers
John A. Anderson, ELCON President
B.8 The Art of Communication in the New World
Robert Stowers, William & Mary School of Business
B.9 Government Affairs
Anthony Reed, Archer Daniels Midland
Karen Neale, Hummingbird Strategies
Lisa Jaeger, Bracewell & Giuliani
B.10 Environmental Issues Impacting Energy
John deRuyter, E.I duPont de Nemours
B.11 GHG PSD Permitting Developments
Robert Kaufmann
B.12 New National Ambient Air Quality Standards
Bob Fraser, QEP + Brian Stormwind, CCM, AECOM
B.13 Guidance For Preparing Comments to EPA’s CCB Regulatory Effort
Gary Merritt
B.14 What Keeps Me Up at Night?
Fred Cleveland, Eastman
B.15 GHG Control Technology Development & Deployment: Practical Issues
Vincent Albanese
B.16 An Update to Recent Changes to the Texas SIP
Jay Hofmann, Trinity Consultants
B.17 2010 Focus Group Topics
Bob Corbin, CIBO Consultant