2009 Annual Meeting Papers

CIBO 31st ANNUAL MEETING October 14-16, 2009

A.1 2009 Annual Survey Report
Robert L. Corbin, CIBO Membership Consultant
A.2 Annual Meeting Summary
A.3 Report on Litigation Activities
Lisa M. Jaeger, Bracewell & Giuliani, LLP
A.3a Energy & Climate Legislation: Government Affairs Session
Anthony Reed, Archer Daniels Midland & Karen Neale, Hummingbird Strategies
A.4 2009 Environmental Session Issues Update
A.5 President’s Annual Report to Members
Robert D. Bessette, President
A.6 Proposed By-laws Change: New Membership Classification
John C. deRuyter, Chairman


B Legacy Issues: Our Past is Being Used Against Us to Describe Today’s Operations
C Natural Gas Markets – Promise out of Disarray
Benjamin Schlesinger and Associates, LLC
D The Convergence: Energy, Environment, and Economy
Nick Speyer, SourceOne
E Industrial Energy Alternatives
David W. South, Technology & Market Solutions, LLC
F Utility and Industrial Boiler MACT: “Lights, Camera, Action!”
Robert J. Wayland, Ph.D., US EPA
G Industrial Energy and Environmental Programs
Peter H. Anderson, ERM
H Addressing the Issue of Lost Knowledge
Jay Hofmann, Trinity Consultants
I Comments Regarding Environmental Compliance Risk
Vince Albanese, Fuel Tech Inc.
J Environmental Modeling and Health Risk Assessments
Jay Hofmann, Trinity Consultants