2012 Annual Meeting Papers

CIBO 34th ANNUAL MEETING October 10-12, 2012

Industrial Energy – The New Endangered Species
Carl Bozzuto, ALSTOM Power Inc.
A.1 Industrial Energy in California
Duane Nelsen, GWF Power
A.2 National Energy Policy
Margo Thorning, American Council for Capital Formation
A.3 The Environmental Regulatory Landscape
Dr. Robert Wayland, US EPA
A.4 Evaluating, Selecting & Financing Energy Projects
Aaron Walters, Recycled Energy Development
A.5 Permitting in California: The New Norm for Everyone?
Dr. Ted Guth, Energy Consultant
A.6 Boiler MACT Update
Dr. Robert Wayland, US EPA
A.7 Energy and Climate Issues
Anthony Reed, Archer Daniels Midland
Karen J. Neale, Hummingbird Strategies, LLC
Lisa M. Jaeger, Bracewell & Giuliani, L.L.P.
Natural Gas: Today and the Future
B.1 The Shale Gale
Bob Ineson, IHS-CERA, Inc.>
B.2 LDCs in the Middle
Ann McIver, Citizens Energy
B.3 Natural Gas Today and the Future
Dennis Finn, Wartsila North America Inc.
Electricity Today & Tomorrow
C.1 Electricity Today and Tomorrow
John Anderson, ELCON
C.2 A Power Industry View – Fuel and Power Options
Stuart Dalton, EPRI
Combined Heat & Power Applications Panel
D.1 CHP Panel

Jeffrey Duncan, R.G. Vanderweil Engineers

Kevin Slepicka, Rentech Boiler Systems

D.2 Permitting Gas Turbine
Leslie Witherspon, Solar Turbines Inc.
Energy Environmental Point/Counterpoint Discussion
E.1 Jay Hoffman, Trinity Consultants
Environmental Impacts Panel
F.1 Environmental Permitting Issues
Bill Campbell, AECOM Environment
F.2 Sisyphus Isn’t Alone: Getting an NSR/PSD Permit is Hard!
Robert Kaufmann, Koch Companies Public Sector, LLC
Energy Impacts Counterpoint Panel
G.1 Considerations: Coal to Natural Gas Conversion Emissions Control Technology
Greg Leibel, The Babcock & Wilcox Company
G.2 Investing in 2012
J.A. Cleveland, Eastman Chemical
H.1 Annual Report to Members
Robert D. Bessette, President
H.2 Membership Report / Annual Survey Report
Robert L. Corbin, CIBO Consultant
Candler P. Marriott, CIBO
H.3 Litigation Update
Lisa Jaeger, Bracewell & Giuliani
H.4 Financial Report
Carl Bozzuto, ALSTOM Power Inc.