EE Papers 2010

December 2010

  1. Economizers and Turbulators – or “Why haven’t we done this already?” 17pp.
  2. RCRA CCR Comments 14pp.
  3. EPA GHG Permitting Guide 16pp.
  4. EPA Rulemaking Timeline 1pp.
  5. Exploring the Future for Natural Gas Supply and Demand: ICF’s Winter Outlook (U.S. and Canada Gas Market Overview Based on a Recent ICF Gas Market Model Base Case) 1pp.
  6. National Coal Council 17pp.
  7. CHP Technology Update: Technical Workshop 66pp.
  8. GHG BACT: Top Down Review 57pp.
  9. The Greatest Risk for Exposure to Cancer-Related Air Toxics occurs for people who live near large Combustion Sources, Refineries, and Chemical Facilities 1p.

September 2010

  1. EPA Proposed Combustion Rules- Comment Topic Highlights 24pp.
  2. What Keeps Consultants Awake at Night 12pp.
  3. Methods to Obtain Optimum Response, Efficiency and Emissions 31pp.
  4. BOOST Sample 11pp.
  5. Boiler Optimization 12pp.
  6. Solar Energy and MACT Regulation Compliance 40pp.
  7. Energy Efficiency & Tune Ups for Boilers 33pp.
  8. EPA Coal Combustion Residual Management Rules 44pp.
  9. ICI Boilers 29pp.

June 2010

  1. Startup/Shutdown/Malfunction Issues as they relate to changes in MACT Regulations – Hitting a Moving Target in an Environment of Changing Regulations 37pp.
  2. Boiler Operator Training – What Owners can expect in their new hires and is it enough?  34pp.
  3. Proposed Definition of Solid Waste 14pp.
  4. New SO2 NAAQS 7pp.
  5. Connecting Boiler Operation with Environmental Performance Organizational Behavior/Systems that Result in Team Effort 31pp.
  6. CISWI Comment Outline 3pp.
  7. The Latest on the CISWI Rules 39pp.
  8. Save Energy Now Tools and Resources 26pp.
  9. CIBO Boiler MACT Comments 10pp.
  10. CIBO Boiler MACT Update 58pp.
  11. Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Boilers at Area Source Facilities (Boiler GACT) Rule Requirements Summary 6pp.
  12. GHG Tailoring Rule Update 26pp.
  13. NO2/SO2 Modeling Issues Under the New 1-hour NAAQS 27pp.
  14. EPA’s Proposed Rule Regulations Regarding Coal Combustion Byproducts 46pp.

March 2010

  1. Update on Clean Water Act 316(b) Rulemaking: Cooling Water Intake Structure Impingement & Entrainment 16pp.
  2. Status of EPA’s CCB Regulatory Effort 14pp.
  3. GHG Regulations Update 7pp.
  4. CIBO Discussion: Boiler/Process Heater MACT; Industrial Boiler Area Source MACT; CISWI; Solid Waste Definition 34pp.
  5. CIBO NAAQS Update 18pp.
  6. EIA: Role of Coal in the US 6pp.
  7. Chemical Engineering, Systems Thinking, & Climate Predictions 24pp.
  8. Energy Management with ENERGY STAR 33pp.
  9. Modular Process Control LLC: “We Convert Cost to Profit!” 23pp.
  10. The Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) Challenge: From Megatonnes to Gigatonnes 28pp.
  11. GHG Regulatory Update 21pp.