EE Papers 2013

December 2013

  1. Case Study: New Biomass Unit
  2. Natural Gas Conversion Assessments
  3. Natural Gas Supply Proven, Probable, Possible and Speculative Discussion
  4. Natural Gas Short Term Forecast
  5. BMACT Area Source Review
  6. BMACT Major Source Review
  7. Litigation and Reconsideration for BMACT Suite of Rules
  8. NAAQS Update Including Modeling Development
  9. GHG Update
  10. Regulatory and Litigation Update
  11. Water Issues
  12. Government Relations Overview

September 2013

  1. MSU_Facts and Figures
  2. Energy Assessments for System Efficiency Improvements
  3. Chillers, Steam Absorption, Electric
  4. Balancing System Efficiency with Plant Upgrades
  5. Combined Heat & Power Update
  6. MIT E2e Study
  7. IIPS
  8. Discussion of Solid Fuel Analysis Procedures
  9. Litigation and Reconsideration for BMACT Suite of Rules
  10. Update on Reconsideration Issues
  11. Coal Ash Update
  12. GHG Update
  13. Regulatory and Litigation Update

June 2013

  1. EPA’s Proposed Effluent Limit Guidelines for Steam Electric Generating Units
  2. Physical Equipment Technology (101)
  3. Biological Equipment Technology (101)
  4. Boiler MACT: One Time Energy Assessments – Updated from March EE meeting
  5. CHP Policy Position Discussion and Position Statement Discussion
    CHP Primer ·
    CIBO CHP Comments ·
    Co-generation Background Paper ·
    Boiler MACT Technical Assistance
  6. BMACT Slate of Rules
  7. Litigation and Reconsideration for BMACT Suite of Rules
  8. Water Rule Implications for Industrial Facilities
  9. Coal Ash Update
  10. NAAQS Update Including Modeling Development
  11. Regulatory and Litigation Update

March 2013

  1. Overview of Water Resources, including Surface Water/Groundwater Relationships
  2. Water Acquisition for Industrial Boilers and Processes
  3. An Overview of the Clean Water Act Regulatory Structure and Programs
  4. Boiler MACT – One Time Energy Assessments
  5. Boiler MACT Startup and Shutdown Issues
  6. Alternate BMACT Cost Analyses for Coal and Liquid Units
  7. Industrial Boiler MACT Reconsideration Rule Requirements Summary
  8. How Major Issues are Addressed in the 2012 Boiler MACT Reconsideration Rule
  9. Industrial, Commercial and Institutional Boilers at Area Source Facilities (Boiler GACT) Final Reconsidered Rule Requirements Summary
  10. How Major Issues are Addressed in the December 2012 Boiler GACT Rule
  11. Commercial and Industrial Solid Waste Incinerator (CISWI) Rules Final Reconsidered Rules Requirements Summary
  12. Adjustments to the Air Toxics Standards for Major and Area Source Boilers and Certain Incinerators: Summary of 2012 Rules and Adjustments to Requirements
  13. NAAQS Update
  14. NAAQS Modeling Update
  15. GHG Reporting, Issues of Concern of Expiration of Deferred Inputs
  16. Coal Ash Regulatory Update
  17. Litigation Update