EE Papers 2009

December 2009

  1. US DOE Energy Efficiency/Renewable Energy – Industrial Technologies Programs 18pp.
  2. Wet Scrubbing Systems 51pp.
  3. CIBO GHG Regulations Update 19pp.
  4. CIBO NAAQS Update 10pp.
  5. GHG Regulation Update and Strategy Session 22pp.
  6. Status of EPA’s MACT Rulemaking for Boilers 14pp.
  7. EPA Hybrid Subtitle C: Regulatory Approach Submitted to OMB in October 18pp.
  8. Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reporting Rule (Revised) 30pp.
  9. NOx Control Options for Industrial Applications 34pp.
  10. Copenhagen and Beyond – United Nations Climate Change Conference 20pp.
  11. Floor Setting Issues in Boiler MACT 4pp.
  12. Nanomaterial Research Strategy EPA 620/K-09/011 | June 2009 49pp.
  13. National Landfill Gas Consortium Overview 2007 2pp.
  14. Proposed National Objectives, Principles and Standards for Water and Related Resources Implementation Studies 32pp.
  15. Mercury Control on Industrial Coal-Fired Boilers 35pp.
  16. Particulate/SO2 Control Systems 40pp.

September 2009

  1. Potential Impacts of Biomass and Alternate Fuels on Boiler Equipment 24pp.
  2. Climate Legislation and Regulation 20pp.
  3. Kela Engineered Fuel 16pp.
  4. Waste Coal Power Plants in the U.S. 25pp.
  5. Waste Coal – Mine Land Reclamation: Before and After Reclamation 25pp.
  6. PSD Applicability – Alternative Fuels 8pp.
  7. An Overview of Landfill Gas Energy in the United States 44pp.
  8. RCRA Ash – From Subtitle D to Subtitle C – From EPA’s failure to promulgate Regulations to EPA promulgating Regulations 13pp.
  9. CIBO Activities 5pp.
  10. CIBO Litigation Chart 6pp.
  11. .Rapid Thermal Processing (RTPTM): A Proven Pathway to Renewable Liquid Fuel 18pp.
  12. Some Factors for Consideration When Planning a Biomass Project` 41pp.
  13. Proposed Waste Energy Recovery Registry Rule: Overview 22pp.

June 2009

  1. Measurement of Condensible and Non-Condensible Particulate Matter 41pp.
  2. CIBO Focus Group: Improving Energy Efficiency “Real Time Energy Management and Optimization Systems” 14pp.
  3. CIBO Looking Forward Strategy 3pp.
  4. CIBO Climate Update 12pp.
  5. CIBO Focus Group: Improving Energy Efficiency “A Fundamental Approach to Energy Management” 30pp.
  6. CIBO Position Paper: Energy & Alternate Fuels Issues 12pp.

March 2009

  1. Boiler MACT Floor Setting Options 19pp.
  2. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009: Synopsis of Energy Provisions and Incentives 17pp.
  3. New Developments – Air Permitting & Compliance 55pp.
  4. Boiler MACT/CISWI Strategy 5pp.
  5. Climate Update 4pp.
  6. Comments on EPA Definition of Solid Waste ANPR 4pp.
  7. Impacts of High and Volatile Energy Costs on Energy Intensive Industries 14pp.
  8. NSR Updates (PSD and NANSR) 16pp.
  9. Federal Energy Legislation in the 111th Congress 14pp.
  10. Coal Combustion Byproduct Regulation 3pp.
  11. Boiler/Process Heater MACT 112(j)/(g) Implementation – Draft Potential Interim Concepts 3pp.
  12. ICI Boilers 29pp.
  13. Draft HR Bill to amend Title VI of PURPA to establish a Federal energy efficiency resource standard 32pp.
  14. Discussion Draft HR Bill to establish a federal renewable electricity standard 24pp.
  15. Focus Group Meeting Survey Results 1p.