EE Papers 2012

December 2012

  1. DEQ Air Programs Working Together: Permitting, Compliance and Enforcement
  2. Company Air / Multimedia Inspections Case Study
  3. Federal Environment Enforcement
  4. CIBO positions relative to Renewable Portfolio Standards (RPS)/Renewable Electricity Standards (RES)
  5. CIBO 2009 RPS/RES Position Paper
  6. Combined Heat and Power (CSP) and Energy and Environmental Legislation
  7. EERS/RES – Draft Statement of Manufacturer’s Group
  8. CIBO’s 2009 Energy Policy Concerns – 111 Congress
  9. Better Plants Program from US DOE Advanced Manufacturing Office
  10. The Future of Coal after the Elections
  11. The Future of IPP after the Elections
  12. Boiler MACT Slate of Rules
  13. Litigation Update – BoilerMACT Plus
  14. Coal Ash Material Safety: A Health Risk-Based Evaluation of USGS Coal Ash Data from Five US Power Plants
  15. RCRA Ash – Where are We Today?
  16. NAAQS Update

September 2012

  1. Optimization of Steam-Generated Outputs 27pp.
  2. Current and Projected Natural Gas Markets 21pp.
  3. FMC PerNOxide Technology For NOx Control 45pp.
  4. In-Boiler Beneficiation of Coal Ash into a High Performance Cement Substitute 21pp.
  5. Monitoring Combustion Processes via Digital Imaging 18pp.
  6. Development and Selection of Ammonia Emission Factors 111pp.
  7. Natural Gas: Domestic Supply Security and Global Abundance 19pp.
  8. Optimized Efficiency in Heat Exchange and Pumping Technology 15pp.
  9. NAAQS & GHG Update 33pp.
  10. Utility Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS) Rule; Cross State Air Pollution Rule (CSAPR) / Clean Air Interstate Rule (CAIR) Regulation Update 40pp.
  11. Litigation Update 13pp.
  12. CIBO Litigation Chart 10pp.

June 2012

  1. 140 Public Interest Groups Oppose Coal Ash Amendment in Transportation Bill 11pp.
  2. Boiler MACT Limits Update 11pp.
  3. Challenges in Modeling Compliance for New NAAQS: 1-hour NO2 & SO2 and PM2.5  68pp.
  4. Marginal Heat Rate 4pp.
  5. Building Downwash Changes, Use of NO2 Tiered Methods, and PM2.5 Modeling Issues 29pp.
  6. Discussion of CIBO’s Position on CCBs/CCRs/CCW 11pp.
  7. CIBO: Air Quality Modeling Update – June 12, 2012 29pp.
  8. Surviving the Inevitable: BMACT Litigation Update 10pp.
  9. Area Source Requirements 40pp.
  10. EPA Regulation of Greenhouse Gases – Tailoring Step 3 &Utility NSPS for GHGs 12pp.
  11. NAAQS Update 25pp.
  12. Recent Developments in Advanced Approaches for Dispersion Modeling 41pp.
  13. U.S. Council for Energy Efficient Manufacturing (U.S. CEEM) 45pp.
  14. USDOE Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Paper 33pp.

March 2012

  1. HR 4017: To promote efficient energy use in the Federal and private sectors, and for other purposes. 24pp.
  2. Update of Utility MACT Rule and Cross State Air Pollution Rule 21pp.
  3. Boiler Tuning Requirements 11pp.
  4. Boiler Tune-ups Tips, Traps & Opportunities: Real Life Examples of Boiler Tuning Issues 78pp.
  5. Coal-to-Biomass Conversion Case Study 28pp.
  6. Subtitle C Discussion 11pp.
  7. Litigation Update – CSAPR, NAAQS, NSPS, GHG Cases 7pp.
  8. Boiler MACT Litigation Update 2pp.
  9. U. S. Clean Heat & Power Association Federal CHP Update 11pp.
  10. Boiler MACT-Area Source GACT-CISWI-NHSM Rules Status Update 33pp.
  11. Approaches to Energy Efficiency: University & Industrial Case Study 33pp.
  12. EPA Regulation of Greenhouse Gases – Tailoring & Next Steps by EPA 20pp.
  13. Case Study: Coal to Natural Gas 21pp.
  14.  Regulatory Requirements for Boiler Tune-ups and Energy Assessments for Major & Area Source Boilers 23pp.
  15. NAAQS Update 16pp.