EE Papers 2008

December 2008

  1. Definition of Solid Waste ANPR Update
  2. Status Of Development Of ANSI Steam System Assessment Standard And Guidance Documents
  3. Dingell Boucher Climate Change Discussion Draft- Outline October 2008
  4. Supply and Demand in an Uncertain Environment:U.S. and Canada Gas Market Overview Based on the ICF GMM Reference Case October 2008
  5. Status of EPA’s MACT Rulemakings for Boilers
  6. Introduction to the Definition of Solid Waste Final Rule
  7. PM Test Method: CIBO Update
  8. Climate Change Update
  9. Torrefied Wood: the Ideal Co-firing solution with Coal

September 2008

  1. Regional & State Greenhouse Gas Initiatives
  2. EPA’s Advanced Notice of Proposed Rulemaking: Regulating Greenhouse Gas Emissions under the Clean Air Act
  3. Energy Efficiency Options for Industrial Plants
  4. Boiler MACT & More: An Industrial Perspective (Presentation given to Midwesco Sales)
  5. CIBO Comments to House Energy and Commerce Committee Staff regarding Climate Change Legislation Design
  6. US EPA 2007 Title 4 – Subtitle D: Industrial Energy Efficiency
  7. Waste Energy Recovery Registry Rulemaking. Environmental Protection Agency Briefing to MEG
  8. Real Time Metering, Power Quality, Demand Management and Equipment Monitoring: Advanced Technologies and Services for Optimal Performance and Cost Control

June 2008

  1. Lieberman-Warner Bill, Boxer Amendment (S. 3036) Regulations and Mandates
  2. Reducing Hazardous Air Pollutants from Industrial Boilers: Model Permit Guidance (88pp.)
  3. Table 1: Summary of EPA and NACAA Recommended Limits for ICI Boilers
    National Association of Clean Air Agencies
  4. EPA Analysis of the Lieberman-Warner Climate Security Act of 2008 S. 2191 in 110th Congress, March 14, 2008 (193pp.)
  5. DOE Save Energy Now Slide Show
  6. DOE Save Energy Now Leader Slide Show
  7. Federal Energy Legislation – Implications for ICI Sectors
    David W. South, Technology and Market Solutions LLC
  8. Boiler MACT Update, June 2008 (4pp.)
  9. Boiler Efficiency Optimization, US DOE (September 2007)
  10. Carbon Accounting, Footprinting & LCA, Lauren Laabs, ERM
  11. Particulate Matter: A brief history, current progress and future development
    Patty Strabbing, Chrysler LLC
  12. Climate Update (4pp.)
  13. Boiler Efficiency Software Demo
    Jimmy D Kumana, Kumana & Associates
  14. Houston Plant Energy Initiatives
    DOE Steam BestPractices Meeting, Fred Fendt, Rohm & Haas
  15. Superior Energy Performance Partnership and Certifying U.S. Manufacturing Plants for Energy Efficiency
    Kathey Ferland, Texas Industries of the Future
  16. Notice of Proposed Rulemaking-40 CFR Part 60 – Standard of Performance for New Stationary Sources (NSPS) Subparts D, Da, Db and Dc
    Patty Strabbing, Chrysler
  17. Simple Payback: The Wrong Tool for Energy Project Analysis?
    Christopher Russell, SAIC
  18. Best Practices Steam Steering Committee: Steam Technical Subcommittee Status
    Tony Wright, ORNL and Glenn Hahn, Spirax Sarco
  19. News from a State Program: BestPractices Steam Steering Committee
    Kathey Ferland University of Texas at Austin, Center for Energy and Environmental Resources
  20. SuperBoiler and Energy Intensive Processes Update: Steam BestPractices Steering Committee
    Bill Orthwein, Technology Manager, Industrial Technologies Program, EERE US DOE
  21. Challenges in Industrial Waste Heat Recovery: Texas Technology 2006 Showcase
    Tony Dafft, Rohm & Haas